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Great News! Penny Lane is now open on SATURDAY MORNINGS FOR BREAKFAST! We're open from 6:30 until 10:30 a.m. SEE YOU SATURDAY!There's a place where friends gather . . . a place where everybody feels welcome, time after time . . . a place that doesn't bother with silver service and stuffy staff . . . but with fun and friendly folks . . . including the staff.  We like to think that had Cheers been a restaurant instead of a bar, that it would have been called Penny Lane's Cafe. We say that, because we have the same wonderful, friendly, fun atmosphere.  Our regulars, who are very regular, love to introduce themselves when they see a new face in Penny Lane's, giving them a warm welcome to Aberdeen!

  Part of the magic at Penny Lane's is that the food is just as great as the atmosphere.  You'll thoroughly enjoy eating with us for lunch, whether you opt for a cup or plate of our Red Beans and Rice, made from an old Southern recipe with real red beans and smoked sausage, served on a bed of white rice, or our tasty Seafood Gumbo. These favorites are but two of several specialty dishes that locals and visitors  have taken a liking to - there are also starters, garden fresh salads and a great selection of signature sandwiches.

  Another nice touch at Penny Lane's is our big selection of lattes, mochas and other specialty drinks in a variety of flavors. Next time you're here, try our Coffee of the Day. You can get it hot, iced or frozen!

  But let's not overlook breakfast. Penny Lane's opens at 6:30 each morning, Monday through Friday to serve up Vernell's Special, Nikki's Favorites, hot breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and side orders!

  There's a word . . . sort of a fancy word . . . ambiance . . . that seems to describe the mood, character, quality, tone and atmosphere of a place. The ambiance at Penny Lane's is delightful, fun and habit forming. Drop in and eat with us - you'll immediately see what we're talking about. We know of several groups of friends who come to Penny Lane's multiple times every week, and they keep coming back, because they just plain old "like the place."  We know you will, too.

  To sum it up, taking into consideration the friendly staff, the amazing food and the fun atmosphere, Penny Lane's is a great place to go, not just to eat, but to enjoy your meal.  Hey, and the prices are very reasonable.  Come in today and let us  make you happy! By the way, when you arrive, take a look at the menu board out front for our special of the day!  

Hours - Monday - Friday,  6:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.